Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Girl Who Has Everything

Occasionally you’ll find people that don’t really have wish lists. Why? Because they have a nagging case of the gimmes and buy themselves (almost) everything they want. Why are you pointing at me? No one said this was about me! But really, it’s kind of about me. Last year I asked for one very practical gift and then forgot to ask for anything else. What did everyone else to do? Go rogue. My mom gave me a cherry red Kate Spade cross body that I love and it completely surprised me because of the standout color. If I had asked for a bag, I would have stared wistfully at all the “fun” purses and instead chosen something in a neutral color because I would get the most wear out of it. Knowing I had plenty of neutrals, my mother took a chance and chose a brand she knew I loved, in a color I would never pick for myself. That gift inspired this list. Everything is intended to be a unique or luxurious (aka sparkly, you may notice a trend…) version of something familiar so you never have to worry about hearing the dreaded “Oh. This is….. nice?” 

  • Barefoot Dreams ANYTHING – Haven’t we raved about these damn sweaters and robes enough to not have to justify purchasing them?! There’s a reason they made Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016. Really though, you might think “loungewear” is a cop out gift, but you obviously have not experienced the apparel version of being spooned. I typically have separate home/lounge-y clothes and cute/outside the house clothes, but my Barefoot Dreams cardigan is so effing comfortable I can’t stop wearing it whether I’m home or out and about. It’s the kind of thing you wear and force people to touch you so they can see how soft it is, but, you know, not in a weird way.
  • Glam Glow Let It Glow! SUPERMUD Set – Glam Glow is one of OTM’s favorite midlevel luxury skincare brands and this is a great set for someone who deserves a little pampering in your life. The kit contains a SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask, Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, Gravitymud Firming Treatment and Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment. The same size SuperMud Clearing mask by itself is the same price as the whole kit! Just think about all that money you’ll be saving!
  • Local Eclectic ring – A ring might seem like a weirdly personal gift, but this company uses precious and semi-precious stones in pieces designed by emerging designers to turn out really modern and eye-catching jewelry. They have a huge range of price points and plenty of items other than rings. I can’t remember how I found Local Eclectic, but I have been following them and lusting after their jewelry for months.  Full disclosure: I ordered this ring for my own damn self in the time it took me to write this and post it. Damn you Black Friday! Did I or did I not say that I am one of those people who just buys themself things all the time? 
  • Artwork  – Ok ok, hear me out. I’m not saying go out and buy a massive canvas with the intention of your best friend hanging it in their living room, but finding a painting, photo or print and including a note explaining how it reminded you of them is a very thoughtful gift. Even a little framed print of their last vacation locale that they couldn’t stop gushing about would be a sweet gift to use as cube-decor for a coworker (find that here). I think Minted has a great selection and I’ve discovered multiple independent artists on Instagram (Etta Vee, Maggi McDonald). 
  • Metallic Moccasins – They’re sparkly, do I need another reason? Let me go ahead and just be honest, I own two pairs of the non-metallic ones. They are so comfortable and warm with a suede upper and faux shearling lining, but also have a rubberized sole making it ok to walk the dog and run the trash out to the can without having soaking wet feet. This pair is from J.Crew and already sold out online. Luckily, Nordstrom is still selling them!
  • Jumbo Disco Ball Tumbler – Because it’s cute and funny and really, why not? It may or may not be the only acceptable drinking vessel for NYE other than sipping straight out of the champagne bottle.

Do you have any great gift ideas for me to buy myself someone that has everything? Let us know in the comments!

Happy gift giving!


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